About Ololosokwan

Ololosokwan ward is composed of Njoroi and Ololosokwan villages with an estimated population of 13,000 people. The villages are sub-divided into 8 administrative vitongoji. Yohana Saing’eu is the chairman of Ololosokwan village while Amani Lengume is the chairman of Njoroi village. As a ward, Godfrey Saing’eu (famous as Mgiriki) is the Ward Executive Officer (WEO), Lucas Kalesu is the village executive officer (VEO) of Ololosokwan village and John Mbusia is the village executive officer (VEO) for Njoroi village. John Mbusia divides up his time as he also works for Soit-Sambu village as VEO.

Ololosokwan ward has 3 primary schools: Ololosokwan primary school, Mairowa primary school and Njoroi primary school and Emanyatta secondary school. The secondary school is owned by AIgwanak Trust –  the council of traditional leaders. We also have 2 dispensaries at Sero and Ololosokwan. Several water projects are being developed at Sero, Mairowa and Njoroi.

The population growth is challenging our service provision as there more people than service infrastructure. We need dispensaries at Njoroi, Oloika and Aldarpoi and primary schools at Oloika, Sero and Aldarpoi.

Ololosokwan village is a popular tourist attraction and destination as it sits between 2 world-famous wildlife areas of Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara Nature Reserve. It has by itself the most beautiful scenery and wildlife just like National Parks. There 4 tourist companies undertaking photographic and hunting tourism in Ololosokwan.

As main souce of income and livelihood in Ololosokwan ward, the majority are pastoralists and also undertake crop farming alongside. Some of the people undertake small trade in Ololosokwan and other market squares.


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