Streets of Ololosokwan are ‘burning’

Starting November 2012 to this moment, the people of Ololosokwan have not had a pint of peace. With Tanzania National Parks pushing to extend its boundary into the village land with help from Ministry of Lands and now the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism determined to reduce the village by 70% who can possibly sleep?

Our fears have been confirmed that the government is determined to establish a wildlife corridor on our villages land, a move that will produce landless people, bring permanent impoverishment of the Maasai people.

I do not entirely blame the Tanzanian government alone for this culture of moving and evicting the Maasai people off their lands. They have inherited from the British since 1959.

And now our streets are not peaceful, the people have despaired and are angry at anything and anybody! They want to resist this dangerous move by the government. We all do! How? I must ask!

What is even shocking is the reason behind. The government claims that it needs to ensure conservation and because the people cannot provide assurances to this end, the government must. We know that the government is looking enriching itself from the lucrative tourism industry which is increasing at a greater pace: from hunting to photographic.

We have become increasingly in agreement that we must demand to return to Serengeti – the land of our fathers, our ancestral land. That is where we will rest forever in peace.


7 thoughts on “Streets of Ololosokwan are ‘burning’

  1. SALANGAT says:

    The time has come for ololosokwan to stand firm for the sake of its land. The backbone of our society is the extensive grasslands that they are thinking of grabbing meaning that those grabbers have a hidden agenda of exterminating the population there. The only thing I can strongly propose is self determination even if is by the use of force. I believe we decide our destiny and we should not give room to this selfish government officials who from mere guardians of our shared heritage change to be vampires. we should realize that famous achievements were achieved after a blood shed and if need arises lets fear not. I WILL BE ON THE FRONT LINE. LONG LIVE OLOLOSOKWAN

  2. Susanna Nordlund says:

    Thanks for voicing out! I hope this message will reach those with ideas about what to do, or even better, those that will take action. Not only Ololosokwan is under threat, but also other villages and this land grab would seriously affect the whole of Loliondo Division.

    In 2011 I wrote about the background of this threat.

    And in December 2012 I wrote about the recent land grabbing moves by TANAPA.

  3. BOB TIMAN says:

    It has a been a very discouraging moment for us residents of Ololosokwan village that our duly elected Government is our front line enemy!!Creating space for foreign Hunting companies and private luxuries tourist camps and hotels.I myself was involved in a Maasai team who decided to fight for our Ancestral land and we took back the materials that were brought to demarcate our land around Kleins gate late last year.We feel alienated and voiceless but its an ideal that we will die for.

  4. gabriel yohana says:

    i think the time has come for us to be strong enough against our enamies that are trying all their level best to destroy our land and Culture. we never destroy it before neither now nor tomorrow. shame up on those who are trying to do so! Again and again let not give up for what were facing for. I think and i can call it a big brain challenge!! let those who try to grab our land knows that we will never be shaken neither separeted. The Maasai of this toda they are not of 1956.

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