Karibuni Ololosokwan!

Welcome to Ololosokwan Ward!

Ololosokwan ward was established as a new ward in 2010 just before the past general elections. It is composed of Ololosokwan and Njoroi villages with an estimated population of 13,000 people.

In this page, there are details at length of the issues, struggles and porgress people are maiking to overcome daily challnges.

Welcome to blog, post and comment on issues posted!



2 thoughts on “Karibuni Ololosokwan!

  1. Daniel Ndoinyo says:

    Ololosokwan- Serengeti boundary conflict

    Hello Yanick,

    Many greetings from Nairobi, Kenya

    By any chance, if you happen to read this post

    I acknowledge your position of working together with our people and government authorities in resolving the conflict amicably.
    For i know the complexity surrounding it, which i think is likely unbearable to pursue, more so,
    when the pressure from the government is mounting to carry on with the mis-informed plans without the involvement of our community.

    Personally, I’ve been following the struggle on the aforesaid boundary conflict and felt so devastated about it.
    News from the Media (ITV you tube post) and likelihood posted/shared information by people with great concern,
    disturbed me vitally causing the state of disillusion during my exams that has been going on for weeks now right here in the uni.
    My deep concern being the government authorities approach in handling the issue with no respect and involvement of community
    The plans of erecting beacons right in the village land is of great menace/repercussion to our entire community.
    I know the recurrence of land grabbing practices by TANAPA, has been giving our people the sleepless nights on the best way possible of confronting it, and achieve long-term solution, peace and stability.

    I as well, recognize the move of working with the neighbouring villages, which may likely be affected by the plans executed by TANAPA, especially the newly forcible demarcation on eastern part of Serengeti National Park bordering Ololosokwan village. For i believe, collective effort provide the much needed power to act vehemently towards a common goal while addressing the common issue facing our people as a complete whole.
    As a person, who has been involved in the on going conflict, I would, kindly ask you to post the report, if there is any to Ololosokwan web for us to be updated, but more importantly, to get information on the happening and any progress of conflict resolution.

    However, In regard to what can be done to resolve the prevailing conflict
    I would like to propose and bring to your attention the following options

    1. Work with the Community at all stages to observe popular participation, through meetings, discussion, while keeping the minutes of every stage
    2. Work with the government authorities/Offices such as DC, Area MP, TANAPA and the like to workout the conflict
    3. Write an Appeal due to be signed by stakeholders, like NGO’s, representing groups like villages to the Lands, Housing and Human Settlements & Tourism and Natural resources ministers and to the President to challenge the implementation of the issue (Land in conflict)
    4. Consider legal action challenging the execution of TANAPA’s ugly plans of grabbing the village(s) land
    5. Peaceful demonstration to show the dissatisfaction of the on going land grabbing practices and the possible negative impacts to people’s lives
    6 Seek International community intervention to workout the conflict, which will act like a neutral third party to resolve the land conflict between Ololosokwan/villages and TANAPA/ Tanzanian government.

    Though, You may have exhausted some of the options proposed above and thus, can be costly to embark on, but i think, they are of paramount importance to think about and do consultation on the most appropriate one to go for.

    I can therefore, assure you, that the suffering and daily struggle of our community members is a responsibility for all of us wherever we may be, More particularly, I am in deep concern for the long standing conflict and contentious issues that denies our parents, children, brothers and sisters the right to live peacefully and freedom to life as guaranteed by the constitution of the republic of Tanzania.

    Best of luck and God Bless You

    Dan Ndoinyo

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